The Hudson family are residents of Terre Haute, Indiana. They are known for being very well behaved. There are around 18 Hudson boys and they all march in military formation to church every Sunday, dressed immaculately. They sing loud, pray loud, and help old ladies cross the street. None of them are married.

The Hudson family is mentioned in Episode 18: The Farm Report.

Members Edit

  • Andrew Hudson, who has been known to go around town protecting women, and carries a bolt action rifle, his grandfather's war medal, and the key to the city on his neck. He saved Alex Branson from being stuck in multiple honey jars.
  • Corn Hudson, who helps old ladies cross the street. Women love his cowboy butt.
  • Shave Hudson, also known as Road Warrior, the Answer, the Black Fox, and the Rogue. He has an outdoorsman's lifestyle.
  • Clent Hudson, drives an enormous Toyota around town asking people if they need to be towed out of stuff. He's been known to help people around town for 72 hours straight.
  • Corby Hudson, goes out protecting women armed with good manners.
  • Jebediah Hudson, says "hi" or "howdy" to every person in town every day.
  • Agamemnon Hudson, the most beautiful man in town, wears a Kabuki mask to hide how attractive he is.

Trivia Edit

The Hudson family is named for Episode One co-creator Andrew Hudson, and are foils to the Branson family, named after its other co-creator, Alex Branson.