The Farm Report is sponsored by Monsanto and Dow Agro Science.

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The Terre Haute hosts go over local sports news, discussing the town's festival, the Branson crime report, the good deeds of the Hudson family, and business news involving companies such as Monsanto, Dow Agro Stocks, and John Deere tractors. Monsanto has been creating a pesticide called Asmodeus that infused bugs with the knowledge of all the sins of their species, driving them to suicide, and causing countless heaps of dead bugs to appear all over town. Dow Agro's products, made of soy DNA, Lebron James DNA, Mountain Dew DNA, and pumpkin DNA, are causing children to grow six or seven feet tall and enormously strong. John Deere's new tractors have AI that are permitted to kill children. The hosts also go over the schedule of events for the state fair.