The Branson family are residents of Terre Haute, Indiana. They are primarily known as the town's trouble makers, with the most common crime being "pie theft" but also have committed far more severe crimes including Arson and Regicide. There crimes are so prolific that there is apparently a weekly Branson Arrest Report. The average Branson is around 6'7 and 300 pounds. Every year they face the Hudson family in a Salisbury Steak eating contest, and for the last 9 years they have tied.

First mentioned on Episode 18: The Farm Report.

Members Edit

  • Alex Branson mentioned first being arrested for Bigamy, also seems to be the primary foil to Andrew Hudson.
  • Branson (First name unknown), appearing Episode 8: The Throne Zone and the creator of Game of Thrones is implied but not confirmed to be a member of the Branson clan, being from Terre Haute, Indiana himself.

Trivia Edit

The Branson family is named for Episode One co-creator Alex Branson, and are foils to the Hudson family, named after its other co-creator, Andrew Hudson.